Here Is The New 4.2-Liter 2019 Porsche 911 RSR

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This One Is A Race Car Meant to Excel

Porsche Motorsport has unveiled a new 911 RSR that is expected to compete in the World Endurance Championships (WEC) as well as International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) racing series in September 2019. But isn’t this just another 911?

Porsche says it isn’t just another 911 but a very capable car a totally different animal and that it is about 95 percent new although it is built in the DNA of previous-generation 911. It has been given a larger flat-six engine, there is an updated on entire aerodynamics and lots of updates on novel racing technology.

The engine becomes a 4,149 cc flat-six, it becomes the biggest ever to lie under a Porsche 911 road or race car. It has the capability to pull 508 bhp.

Porsche further gave this car revamped exhaust system with outlets, with the pipes popping out from both sides of the body. This has given a chance to make total use of the rear diffuser.

Noticeable also is the larger air intakes and newly aligned body panels all around. According to Porsche, only the headlights, brakes, driver’s seat and clutch plus a host of other suspension parts happen to be the only things plucked out of the older 911 RSR.

The automaker confirmed that this car was also made with driver feedback into consideration. Driver visibility, as well as passive and active safety systems, were some of the improvements that this participation brought.