Honestly, The Imperial Crown Convertible Was The Greatest Luxury Car Of 1966

Credit: Unsplash
This is one big convertible

If there was an era in the last century that was significant to and for luxury car builders it was the 1960s. It was a defining era when a lengthy, classy car on your driveway made more than a statement on your status.

It was a golden age for luxury car builders and owners. It was an important success statement too.

The Imperial Crown Convertible comes from this era. Of course, it underwent several changes in its lifetime but it ended up being a game-changer that fetches top dollar in modern auctions and selected dealers.

Although a Chrysler, the Imperial Crown was sort of a stand-alone marque and this was done to have it scale up as a luxurious great. It is actually described in the Crown Convertible’s handbook as ‘Your private island.’

The copywriters went ahead to tell you in the handbook that “each minute behind the wheel erases tensions of mind and muscle.” What a good story for an amazingly incredible car.

Apparently, they were built in a facility that was climate controlled, just to ensure that every piece went according to plan. Even the walnut wood on the dash had clocked a cool 100 years, while whale oil was used to make the seats supple and soft.

What a special way to make a great car even more spectacular. As was a style back then, ashtrays are offered in plenty. This car sort of transcends through time and goes ahead to amaze collectors even in modern times.