The Cord L-29 Was An Extraordinary Distinctive Car For The Wealthy

Credit: Unsplash
Hats off to one of the greatest!

Whichever review you pick up on the Cord L-29, it will emphatically tell you that this was one of the greatest luxurious cars that ever existed. The Cord L-29 became the first American front-wheel drive for public consumption.

Indeed, it was a vehicle that brought about many firsts including full instrumentation such as temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge as well as a speedometer on the left with a gas gauge. Among the distinctive characteristics of the Cord L-29 had a distinctive long hood, that laid the ground for the able straight-eight engine and front-wheel-drive system.

In all ways, long low lines of the L-29 stand out. In 2012, one of these famous cars fell under the auctioneers selling for a record of $2.42 million.

The interior of this auspicious car was also a masterpiece worth taking a second look at. The Model 810/812 was the best-known product of the Indianapolis-based company.

Styled by renowned GM designer Gordon M. Buehrig, this car became synonymous with luxury and luxurious driving. The Couple L-29 is a rare gem tjat comes from a generation when engineers were experiment with a raft of ideas.

It belongs to a class of cars whose impact and input to the industry is significant and must always