The Infiniti FX35 Earned The Nickname “Bionic Cheetah”

(Photo Credit: Infiniti)
This one is a competitively hot, high-end SUV

It’s a decade gone but the Infiniti FX35 (lovingly known as the Bionic Cheetah) remains one of the most iconic SUVs of its era. The well streamlined wild exterior curves, the lengthy muscular footwear, and the sloping roofline makes it sportier to just look at but also provocatively inviting for an adventurous drive.

From the V6 24-valve engine that will carry 3.5-litre, the FX35 will generate a 303hp. If you go up the ladder for the FX50 that has a 5.0-liter engine, you get 390 h.p. 32-valve on V8. Both engines are paired to a calm and gracious automatic transmission gearbox.

Infiniti also provides several Upgrade equipment packages. With the Navigation & Mobile Entertainment System, the band’s HD Navigation System will come aboard and voice recognition is part of it.

You can also be handed almost 10gb (actually 9.3GB) Music Box hard drive among lots of other luxurious goodies. We can’t shy away from heralding the Infiniti FX series as a truly responsive and thoughtful SUV.

It wears lots of complimentary styles with pride to take head-on anything beyond the BMW X5 or the Mercedes ML range. In addition, part of what sets it apart is interior styling that enhances all the luxurious stuff seen from the outside.

Priced in the range of $83,900 to $92,900, this one is undoubtedly in the luxurious league. It is the single FX50 model though that will drain all is your $114,900.