Genesis Mint: Small City Car With Technology And Beauty

Credit: Unsplash
The Mint Might Be Small But Is Truly Impactful

The Genesis Motors company introduced the Genesis Mint at the New York International Auto Show. This is a somewhat miniature car that is best fitted for urban cruising.

It is minimalist in every approach. With two seas and two doors, the vehicle welcomes you into an equally outrageous cabin. Where you would have the trunk, the manufacturer has favored a “parcel shelf” denoting occasional usability rather than everyday hauling.

The steering wheel is meant to do more than swiftly directing the car. It has a center screen that is surrounded by a set of six more copper-lined screens used for the display of car info.

It is the center screen that is tasked with handling all driving information including speed. As with such minimalist cars, there is a sense of urgency well displayed by this car.

It looks like it can squeeze into any small parking that is haphazardly left by drivers in a rush. The cabin, though thoroughly freshened out with modern outlooks is also kept down to the essentials, although several aesthetic elements are aboard.

With the Mint, the trend of challenging the status quo especially with electric-centered creations continues. We are continuously seeing the space changing with ideas that are both environmentally friendly and futuristic to respond to various needs.