This Rinspeed EV Car Will Be Serving Pizza

(Photo Credit: IBTimes UK)
With a curved screen and pizza serving feature

It is amazing how fast the automotive industry is expanding, more so with the advent of EVs. Evidently, in just a couple of years, motoring will be a different ball game from what we know them today.

If you’re still wondering exactly what will be different, have a look at this Swiss-made car named Oasis. This is a small all-electric hatchback car has almost nothing conventional even with the most advanced EV cars from the likes of BMW, Mercedes or Bentley.

It is in its own class doing things in its own style. To start with, Rinspeed, the manufacturer of this ultra-modern futuristic car has incorporated Augmented Reality(AR) into this, car, using the windshield as an access point for infotainment.

In addition, its expansive windows given the greenhouse-like effect. The Oasis, a two-seater car is meant to be autonomous, allowing passengers to wallow in the extensive technology for crucial information as well as entertainment.

It uses a curved display screen to access the content. The steering wheel can fold flat and turn into a keyboard.

Another interesting feature is the car’s ability to project notifications on the floor so that passengers can read through as they enter or exit. This small, funny-looking car is meant to be a ride-sharing shuttle that can be hailed from smartphone.

Inboard is a a 24-speaker Harman Kardon sound system backed up by Microsoft Office and Skype applications catering for business travelers on the go. And…the Oasis can serve you pizza!