The Engler F.F “Superquad” Is A Machine Of A Different Breed That You Will Love

Credit: Unsplash
Awesome Modern Technology From Slovakia

Slovakia has a way of giving us cars that keep us guessing. We’ve had, for instance, flying cars that aren’t necessarily meant to fly but Slovakians makes us believe they can fly.

The Engler F.F. is one of those cars made with technology for the future. It has the so-called Superquad system, a sort of crazy but mighty and powerfully alteration that will allow cars to do crazy stuff.

The engine is simply a V10 twin-supercharged V10 that will take in 5.2 liters. Drawing 850 ponies, this is no mean car by any standard. It is even given two superchargers just to give it even more power.

Made of an aluminum frame, the body is said to be a combination of carbon and titanium. It drives on all wheels and brakes are custom-built ceramic.

The suspension is built in-house by Engler and quite a lot of other elements are developed by the company. The company further developed a system it calls the “Extreme Cornering System” which “enables the rider to experience the feel of extreme cornering.”

We love the experimental approach that is being fronted by lots of startup companies as well as veteran manufacturers. The good thing is that lots of them are also getting road legal, therefore giving us a chance to the general population to taste the best.