The McLaren 720S Is Determined To Push The Limits

Credit: Unsplash
Speed Without Limit

Great vehicles made with outstanding architecture make heads turn. The McLaren 720S will make you stop, turn around and gaze with your mouth wide open as it sprints to the horizon.

Since McLaren mastered the art of building supercars several decades ago, one is not really expected to act surprised when they encounter the McLaren 720 S. But you can’t help to feel amazed by the 710-hp twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 supercar.

This one has the ability to drift and offers other driving modes such as Comfort, Sport, and Track. And with respect to others in this league, this is a relatively quiet car, some would call it more civilized as far as noise handling is concerned.

The speed is equally mesmerizing dashing fro 0-62 mph (100 km) in a paltry 2.7 secs. This is a vehicle that seems to get better as you step the pedal further in. Its grip on the road is more enhanced with ten-spoke rims are lighter. The interior gives you a theatrical feeling as if preparing you for crazy road experiences. And that is exactly what you get.

The twin-hinged dihedral doors will conspicuously announce your desire to enter or exit as they sweep forwards and up in swift style. Coupled with the spectacular contours that define the McLaren, you cannot fail to recognize the presence of the 720s anywhere.