We Spent Time With Porsche Cayenne Coupe Of 2020

(Photo Source: guideautoweb.com)
This Coupe Will Do Almost 700 HP

The Porsche Cayenne is undoubtedly a popular SUV in spite of its hefty price. It, therefore, comes almost naturally that a coupe version adds more rhythm to the music.

Coming over in 2020, the Porsche Cayenne Coupe will be granted in three engines: One will be a V-6 carrying 3.0 liters and producing 340bph; then there is a twin-turbo V-6 carrying 2.9 liters, generating 434-hp; the final engine option is twin-turbo V-B engine taking in 4.0 liters and pulling out 550hp. However, more powertrains are expected to tag along including a E-hybrid version of the Cayenne.

The hybrid version dubbed the Turbo S.E Hybrid is quite a thing to write home about. The heavy battery pack is placed on the back axle while its equally heavy motor sits just ahead transmission.

It also has additional electric drives for the air conditioner, and an additional electric heater to take action when the engine’s off. This makes it quite a heavy car weighing above two tonnes.

Even with this weight, this car will accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. The Cayenne nameplate is a relatively new addition by Porsche and it seems to strike the right chord.

The coupe version will no doubt be just the beginning of sporty, youthful version of this car and its bound to get great market reception.