Germany Gave Us The Rare Car Named Dauer 962

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Hailing from Germany, The Dauer 962

The Dauer 962 is the workmanship of German builder Jochen Dauer’s. It is from this car’s racing lineage that gave us the winner of the 1994 Le Mans 24 Hours.

This alone gives you a hint that lots of good substances are hidden underneath and outside this car. This car was built upon the architecture of the epic, Porsche 956/962 which in its own rights had won the hearts of many and touted as “possibly the greatest sports racing car ever built”, particularly for its dominance in the Group C competition through the 1980s.

When Dauer Racing (which later adopted the name Dauer Sportwagen) got down to work on this car, it gave it a good overhaul to fit the desired modification. Several components got stripped off and on their behalf sat carbon fiber and kevlar panels.

The tray underneath got a replacement to a flat one to give it grip and better stability especially at neck-breaking speeds. Then came an additional seat as well as leather upholstery for the already tightened cockpit.

To complete the dash looks, a DVD playback controlled by a video screen would be added years down the line. Then a luggage compartment at the front also found its way here.

It was agreeably a good car, well done by a passionate man. This is the true making of legends.