LaFerrari Aperta: Man’s Unique Abilities Demonstrated

(Photo Source: Ferrari)

Man Can Achieve So Much More Indeed

The official car of Ferrari’s 70th year is the LaFerrari Aperta, an open-top hypercar that is a truly well-curved gift to celebrate 70 years. It is a limited edition for which only 209 examples will touch the tarmac.

Again, this becomes the first time the brand has ever offered both coupe and convertible versions of its “supercar” line. Ferrari hasn’t gone easy on any of the vehicle’s features.

If anything, it wears greatly enhanced aspects than most of its predecessors. Under the skin, is a carbon-fiber chassis, a dual-clutch automatic transmission and a 6.3-liter V12 with a hybrid component that combines for a total of 950 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque.

When the Aperta combines all these elements, it moves from zero to 60 in under 3 seconds. It achieves a top speed of nearly 220 miles per hour, making this sound more fictional than real, right.

Sophistication is Ferrari’s forte and this is further demonstrated by making the Aperta a roofless small car. Essentially, a lot of what could have been made easier had the car been made with a roof is complicated by the lack thereof, yet the company accomplished an ingenuity with the architecture.

This characteristic is better explained on the company’s website. It says, “The LaFerrari Aperta delivers the same torsional rigidity figure as the LaFerrari, thus putting the Aperta at the top of the supercar category in terms of dynamic performance.”

Need we say more? Of course not, but the Laferrari Aperta is nothing less than man’s demonstration of distinguished abilities.