Lotus Evora GT410: Horsepower Pulls 410 And Top Speed At 190 MPH

Credit: Unsplash
A refined car with good power for performance

Lotus truly knows how to build some epic pieces and their cars are fantastic and outstanding. And so the announcement of a new or refreshed Lotus car is mouthwatering to any car enthusiast.

Earlier in the week, Lotus revealed a magnanimous version of the Evora dubbed the Lotus Evora GT 410. It brings about improvements in design and performance, making it a more comfortable car for day-to-day use. Keep in mind, the quality has not been compromised any tiny bit.

The Evora GT 410 gets closer to the equally uncompromising GT 410 Sport. The refined car aims at uplifting the Evora experience, taking it specifications such as the all-weather Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. It also filters as much noise outside the cabin. This masterpiece is the work of none other than the firm’s chief attributes engineer, Gavan Kershaw.

Sharing his perspective about this Lotus, Kershaw said, “It’s still extremely stable and quick,” adding that “it’s quieter on coarse surfaces and it rides ridges better, with smaller impacts. You could say it ‘breathes’ better on challenging road surfaces, which is just what you need if you drive your Evora every day.”

The GT 410 drinks liquid from the same 3.5-liter supercharged V6 as the GT 410 Sport. It goes on to breathe a considerable 410bhp and 310lb ft. It’s sprinting ability is tipped at 4.0 sec to hit 0-60mph. The top speed is capped at 190 mph.