Mercedes Benz BIOME: The Car Grown Like A Plant And Breathing Oxygen

This Concept Car Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Sometimes we come across ideas that sound more fictional, impractical and almost bizarre. When you think of the Mercedes Benz BIOME, a car that the company thinks can literally grow like a plant, then you have what sounds like you are living in a fictional planet altogether.

It was at the 2010 Los Angeles Design Challenge, that the decorated carmaker introduced a car that can be grown in labs and that can be incorporated into the ecosystem like any other living organism. It is such an interesting and mouthwatering idea and one can foresee a solution that can help rid the planet of harmful wastes and use 100 percent biodegradable material in car making.

It was officially described as a car that “grows in a completely organic environment from seed sown in a nursery. Out on the road, the car emits pure Oxygen and at the end of its lifespan it can be simply composted or used as a building material.”

We are continuously and speedily seeing revolutionary ideas shaping our space in a phenomenal way. Mercedes just gave a teaser to something that vehemently disrupts the future of auto manufacture. Either way, we are confident that things will not be the way they have always been in the near future, thanks to the awesome ideas flowing right left and center.

The BIOME’s full potential and greatest promise is to be fully integrated with nature. If you think of a car that breathes out pure oxygen, then you have the perfect match for mankind.