The Alfa Romeo By Zagato Named The TZ3 Is Yet Another Beautiful Gem

Credit: Unsplash
Only Nine Models Of These Gorgeous Car Exists

The Zagato TZ3 takes a cue from TZ1 and the TZ2 of the 1960s. It is, by all means, a beautifully curved car with extremely thoughtful design. It is in its own class, even getting a different mechanical set up from any other Alfa Romeo.

It is dubbed the TZ3 and it is designed to take your breath away, yet it still manages to touch the road with extraordinary ability. This car produces 640-horsepower and 585 lb-ft of torque. It pulls this energy from a V10 Dodge Viper engine with a capacity of 8.4-liters.

The wheelbase is a hefty 98.9-inches. It also inherits a six-speed manual transmission. The car differentiates from the Viper by body design. On its behalf, Zagato put up a curiously designed body that is carbon fiber to the last bit.

You have to fall in love with the circular taillights, the smooth shoulder line from the Viper and the precariously hitched side exhaust. This is what specially tweaked cars should look like no doubt.

Borrowing heavily from the T1 and T2 of the 60s, this car was built to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary. A double-bubble roof is among its most unique looks making it truly one of a kind.

The company built just nine of these unusual road masters, perhaps aiming to make them as rare as history can afford. One of them is tagged at $699,000, underlining that it is among the best that money can buy.