The Noble M600 CarbonSport Was The Sports Car Built For Speed

Credit: Unsplash
Here’s A Supercar Made With All The Passion Of Racing

The certain car from called Noble by the Noble Automotive based in the renowned city of Leicester. Traditionally, Noble has a liking for rear-wheel-drive cars that come with mid-engine and are able to give drivers an exhilarating driving experience.

They love them roofless, and the drophead Noble M600 CarbonSport follows the same pattern of plush and posh living. The Noble M600 CarbonSport might have come from a startup but there is absolutely nothing to make it sound like so.

It carries a carries two V8 turbochargers having 4.4-liter. This will give you an alarming 650 horsepower plus 654 pound-feet of torque and it, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that the Noble will do a quick 0-60 mph in 3 secs and hit a quarter-mile over the next 11 seconds.

If you are daring enough with the gas pedal it will take you all the up to 225 mph speed mark but you will be daring the devil at this point. The Noble outfit is owned by a former race driver called Peter Boutwood who is fun and owner of the peculiar Ferrari F40.

Bearing in mind that the company shuns just about 50 of these cars from its production line, you can be certain that owning one places you in a very unique position.