We Wish The Meticulous Peugeot Instinct Made To Production

(Photo Source: Peugeot/caradvice.com.au)
One very instinctive car with lots of technology and more

It is a good thing indeed when automakers showcase some of the most instinctive car designs. Peugeot hasn’t slept on the job either. Over the years, the company has unleashed some really exciting concepts.

One of the most recent to have come our way is the Peugeot Instinct, a concept car that was introduced to the public at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Although like many other Peugeot concepts this one was never meant to get into production, it still professes and showcases some of the most futuristic equipment.

A lot of concern and effort was given to the styling of the Instinct and the designers took their time to make it as provocative as possible. From the front view, a set of tellingly slim headlights signal to enter into a distinct lighting style for Peugeot’s future cars.

Cameras are also expected to be part of the marques lighting system if what the Instinct presented is anything to go by. More sophistication comes inside this car.

All four occupants will enjoy electrically operated seat and the high definition displays work magic as part of the entertainment. It is touted to be an autonomous car utilizing the brand’s advanced i-Cockpit system.

The Instinct will surely not make it to production in totality but the elements that will do promise pure driving and different driving experience and power.