Arnold Schwarzenegger Made This Mercedes G-Wagon Pure Electric

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This Is No Hollywood Trick: An Amazing Machine Goes Electric

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is perhaps one of the best examples of how much can achieve on earth if they foster a strong will and the right attitude. He has had great success in several realms where many men dream to be.

He has contributed in several ways to the transformation of the planet and even shaped himself as an environmentalist. It is in line with this that he commissioned the transformation of a Mercedes G-Wagon into a fully electric car.

The task of transforming this car fell in the hands of the Austrian company Kreisel. The main task was replacing the factory engine with an electric one constructed for the former governor by replacing its factory engine with an electric one.

The resulting machine still had immense power still able to pull no less than 500 horsepower. It became so good that it was able to sprint from zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, shedding off a whole three seconds. Without the gas engine, this road monster had lost almost half a ton, facilitating the faster speeds.

Two specific aspects of this car cannot be left out. One is the fact that it still goes for $1 million. The other one is that this car will do a 190-mile driving range and has recharge capabilities.

Perhaps this is a demonstration that electric abilities can be fixed on just about any car while doing almost no damage to the original specs. This good news to the world of motoring.