Audi Sport EV Cars Are Meant To Be One Of A Kind

Credit: Unsplash
Audi’s approach to electrification is top-notch.

Oliver Hoffmann, one of Audi’s co-directors made an elaborate explanation about the future of Audi’s electrification. He said, “Electrification is the foundation of Audi Sport.”

The 2020 Audi Sport EV is the new kid in the line of Audi Quattro coupes. It is tuned with great performance specs. This is a car that will do 355 horsepower and 414 lb-ft of torque. It benefits from a 95-kW-hr battery pack feeding 125-kW front and 140-kW rear motors. The marque is allegedly able to ride from zero to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

Audi is at the point when electrification is at the center of its thoughts. Although the company still manufacturers cars that burn fuels, electrification has taken precedence. The company plans to bring a total of 20 electrified models in the next decade or so. We already know that at least four of them will be SUVs, which is no doubt a good move given that that is the direction taken by the entire industry.

The company is in collaboration with the other automakers such as Porsche and all its plants will focus majorly on electrification. Take the E-Tron GT that will become fast charging taking in up to 800 volts. Audi, says this car will charge from zero to 80-percent in 20 minutes. The GT is among the high ranking Audi EVs, that incorporates lots of sci-fi characteristics yet it is so outstanding.