Elon Teases With A Talking Tesla, Says They Are The Next Big Thing

(Photo Source: Tesla/electrek.co)
Tesla’s daring man is at it again!

Tesla CEO is a man who dreams big, scary and sometimes far-fetched dreams. His dreams sometimes sound so outrageous that fellow players in the auto industry quickly dismiss him.

But it is this very abrasive approach to ideas that have catapulted his electric car outfit to a status that many thought unachievable. Indeed Musk, to some extent, thrives and shines best when he has a big, scary idea to demonstrate and prove.

His latest pronouncement is on talking Teslas. It’s not exactly like you will have a human-like conversation with your Tesla, but rather such Teslas will use verbal statements to communicate with pedestrians.

In a way, Musk’s idea is to pick things up from where his model 3 electric sedan hangs its boot. Model 3 has an audio speaker just beneath the front bumper, which plays a Jetsons-style electronic noise when the vehicle is moving slowly forward or backward. This is to alert humans very closely nearby that the car, which is ordinarily too silent, is on and in motion.

Releasing the news on Tweeter, Musk put a video of a red Model 3 pulling out of a parking lot while astoundingly playing some audio. The idea is this: when the car is moving slowly, it will play a given soundtrack that may or may not have to talk involved. If the car is moving faster the audio disappears.

Any announcement by makes good banter as industry enthusiasts try to ponder what he has in mind. But it is this approach that sets him far apart.