If You Can, Get Yourself A Maserati MC12

Credit: Unsplash
Maserati Made A Good One In This

The Maserati MC12 is unarguably one great road warrior. It is highly capable and greatly endowed with lots of competitive fittings worth of a modern car of its taste.

Built upon the equally befriending Ferrari Enzo, the Maserati MC12 is an exotic machine. When all tools had been laid down, a total of 62 Maserati MC12 had been built. Still, this number accounted for 50 road cars and 12 Corsa models only meant for racing.

While the MC was a celebration for Maserati’s return to racing after a cool 37 years, its road-going version was meant to homologate the race version. The FTA has a requirement that at least 25 road cars were built as part of participation in the FTA GT. The three variants that entered the FTA Racing all came out shining with great success.

In a 2017 sale, a re-tuned Maserati sold for a massive $1,500,000, which is, by all means, quite an expensive tag given that the average price of the same streetcar would be around $700,000. This one though was worth every dollar spent on it.

Lots of carbon fiber is used on the front more split and the diffuser as well as the roof and rear wing. Driving on 6.0-liter V-12, the vehicle produced no less than 840 horsepower, going several notches north of the instead of the 620 horses it could do under the factory setting.