The Methanol-Powered Gumpert Nathalie Is Tipped To Do 186 Mph

Credit: Unsplash
An Ambitious Project And A Futuristic Approach

On its website, the Nathalie is described as “one of the fastest and most dynamic sports cars you can drive with a license plate on the normal road.” The company states that the Nathalie “is what we would like to have when we imagine the future. And with its 2Way energy concept, it is more versatile and variable than almost anything before it.”

Is the Nathalie as versatile as we are told it is? We quite frankly think it is.

To paint a clearer picture of the vehicle’s background, it is the brainchild of Roland Gumpert, of Audi Quattro and Apollo fame and a man who spent 35 years of his life at Audi. The Nathalie is a supercar that promises to substantially solve the challenges brought about by limited electric range and slow charging.

This is achieved by making using methanol fuel to charge the batteries while driving. It is still able to garner 800-horsepower.

The two-door electric coupe has an electric motor for each of its wheels. It will do all the stops to 190 mph (306 km/h) which is truly epic.

Truth be told, there is still more that needs to refining if at all this project will gain proper traction. How you refuel the methanol as you embark on your journey, for instance, is something that’s not clear yet. This notwithstanding, we feel it is a move in the right direction if only all factors work to foster the dream.