Lightyear One Solar Car Will Need The Sun and Wheels

Credit: Unsplash
Making The Best Use Of Sun: This Is The Solar Car From Netherlands

In the current car making industry, we acknowledge that there are just as many projects that will not see the light of day, just as there are many that are revolutionary. The prospects of the EV industry is one that keeps us waiting, with as many uncertainties on the road ahead.

What is clear, nonetheless is that a major disruption is about to take the entire industry by storm. Dutch startup Lightyear is the latest newcomer to make major pronouncements on their intention to do things from a totally different perspective.

In mid-2019, the company unveiled the first prototype of the Lightyear One. It is that is laden with, aiming to hit the mass market in 2021.

The background of the company founders is understandable. The company was founded back in 2016 by a team of engineering students who had made global highlights after winning World Solar Challenge race in 2013, 2015, and 2017.

The company says that this car will get 450 miles (725 km) of range, delivered by a built-in battery. But it is the solar panels that cover its roof and hood that grabs the most attention.

It is reported to charge the car’s battery with up to 12 km of range an hour. According to Lightyear the solar cells have been enhanced, becoming 20 percent more efficient than conventional models. They are also protected from external damage by a glass casing.

There is not the first attempt as an entirely solar-powered car. However, it deeply experimental yet has revolutionary approaches that might change the EV market in the foreseeable future.