The Arcfox GT From China Has What It Takes to Be A Special Sports Car

(Photo Credit: BIAC Group)
Exclusivity Is A Key Aspect That Designers Wanted To Achieve

The 2019 Geneva Auto Show brought us lots of goods, some of which we’ve sampled and others we plan to check out pretty soon. As the trend has been in the last couple of years, China has tilted the world view politically, economically and socially. The Asian giant has broken barriers and created new benchmarks in a number of fields.

It so happens that through its car manufacturer BAIC Group, China debuted the Arcfox or the Arctic Fox at the event. Over the years, the state-owned corporation has cut a niche for itself doing so well to remain among China’s top five carmakers.

Arcfox, which is produced in collaboration with Beijing Electric Vehicle, (BJEV) is an electric track-focused car that is set to significantly impact Chinese EV trajectory. The two-seater is expected to hit the market in 2021.

Given that the base street version generates 1,005 horsepower, and hits zero to 60mph in just 2.59 seconds, we expect this to be a massive attraction to sports car enthusiasts. If you choose the incredibly powerful and fast “Track Edition”, you will have a vehicle that produces a massive 1,609 horsepower.

The Arcfox GT is a superbly gifted car that seems to understand the competitiveness of the field it is entering. With its outstanding looks, it is clear that the designers took the time to try and distinguish the Arcfox from the pack.