The Cadillac Series 75 Series Developed Into Historical Treasure

(Photo Source: Cadillac/
An iconic car with a long wheelbase and a long history too

Beginning around 1930 Cadillac built the iconic Series 70-75 V8 cars. Not only were preciously luxurious but also historically important.

They weren’t highly-priced for nothing but played an important role in shaping the company’s future. When the Series 75 was produced, it became the Cadillac’s most expensive car of the time.

The Monoblock V8 engine carried by the Series 75 generated 135 hp and a displacement of 346 cubic-inches. Body styles made between 1936 down through 1937 were classified into three using the size of the wheelbase.

There was They ranged from a 131-inch wheelbase produced for the 36-70 series, then there was a 138-inch version for the 36-75 and finally what was a Commercial version, a large 156-inch platform.

A good list of body styling was also part of the catalog. You could have picked a two-passenger coupe or a seven-passenger town car. for the 36-75 Commercial version.

It was the Fleetwood Metal Body Company that Cadillac had purchased in 1925 that was responsible for coach-building. Over the years since the company was developed in 1905, it had developed a good rapport with credible car makers and Cadillac had been among their best customers. Fleetwood still continued to accept body-requests from non-GM companies.

This was a car that went through monumental developments over the years. It became an integral part of the company’s growth with time and it still retains a treasured and humbling place in the company’s history