The Citreon DS Divine Concept Was Extremely Futuristic

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No one knows what happened, just wishing it hit the series

Back in 2014, Citroen brought about the Divine DS concept. To move its lovely and shapely body, this amazing car relies on a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine from Peugeot.

Developing 270bhp and 244lb ft of torque, the Divine should certainly be lively to drive. This car sits quite low and close to the ground with an overall height of just 1.35 meters.

The grille and the entire front objects of the car are some of the elements that give it a definite front shape with its diamond chrome aspects that vary in size and brightness to allow the DS badge significant highlights. It also dons laser headlamps that make use of two laser diodes placed on each side.

They have laced with Swarovski crystals at their baselining so that they produce an extra visual twinkle to the overall DS’ design. They very articulately complement the diamond grille.

The laser lights are designed to work alongside the conventional LEDs above 60 km/h (37 mph). After these speeds, it becomes the role of a front-mounted camera to control the beam in such a way that it doesn’t dazzle oncoming vehicles and drivers.

The interior design had also been one of the areas that were given enough attention. It was accentuated with generously wide smooth surfaces and crowned by leather seats that ooze a lot of luxurious feeling.

The dashboard is of classic elegance and nicely fits within the center console. Observably, these elements tend to give more attention to aesthetics in exchange for passenger space.

Due to its futuristic approach, this car was seemingly ahead of its time. It would probably by a suitable car to produce in the current generation.