The Faraday Future Is Rewriting Its Story, Over $1 Billion Later

(Photo Source: Faraday/
Finally, there is something after investing $1 billion

It was just recently that the future of the Faraday seemed untenable. The company had been hit by serious financial straits and despite seemingly giving Tesla a good run, things badly fell apart.

But hope has now been rekindled as the Faraday stepped forward to showcase a set of nearly-ready prototypes at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The car is reported to have insane capabilities, thanks to its overwhelming 1,050 horsepower.

Record-breaking speeds of just 2.3 secs to 60 mph have also been talked about, making this yet another top-running electric car. To any observer, Faraday Future, indeed ought to show very good use of more than a billion dollars that has been invested so far into it.

Quite rewarding, the FF91, seems like a good bet. Company CEO Carsten Breitfeld says that the public should expect this car by the end of 2020.

Faraday says that they are making a car that could hit well over 400 miles on an electric charge. With the prototype having been revealed to the public in such a publicized style, it is expected the polished gem will be something to leave the world amused.

One thing though is crystal clear, the Chinese startup does have what it takes to become a very able competitor of some of the most promising offers already in the market.