The Fiat 124 Spider Classica Affordable, Small, And Practical

Credit: Unsplash
This Is A Nice Little Car That Keeps Everything Low and Clean

You see, in the word of motoring, affordability is a word that you use cautiously. Every customer has their cost and taste and can know at an individual capacity how much they are willing to stretch their budgets.

But we can somewhat authoritatively call the sporty Fiat 124 Spider Classica a car that is sassy and still very affordable. It will ultimately give you the best of both worlds.

This Fiat gives comes in the form of an affordable rear-wheel-drive car and competes well with the Mazda MX-5 and Toyota GT86. This one is offered in only one engine, a 1.4-liter four-cylinder that pulls 138bhp.

While this sounds modest, it also hints clearly that this car weighs lowly enough and fits the perfect description of a small city car. In a rather competitive world, everyone is chasing what seems most recent and up-to-date.

But it is models such as this particular Fiat that reminds us that the world needs practical solutions more than a ton of fancy objects. While this car doesn’t carry with it the most recent package of technology gadgets, it still stands as a nice car among equals.

Fiat is banking on the sales of the previous models of this car to sell the 2019 version. In fact, very little updates are on it and you can’t quite tell it apart where it sits with the 2017 and 2018 models.