Will The 2000-HP Lotus Evija Hyper EV Hit The Road?

(Photo Source: motor1.com)
This Vehicle Promises Numbers That Sound Too Good

The British maker of nicely-crafted and rather talented supercars Lotus has gone really wild. From the numbers that have been released to the designs we’ve laid our eyes on, the Lotus Evija is an extremely outrageous car, the kind that makes girls go gaga!

Lotus touts the Evija (pronounced “Eviah”) as an all-electric hypercar. If things stand as they are and the company produces the Evija in line with the numbers we’ve seen being thrown around, this will be the most powerful production car ever made.

According to the company now owned by the quickly growing Chinese giant Geely, this vehicle will carry independent motors, one to every wheel. Each motor will produce close to 500 hp (497 to be precise), bringing the total to an amazing 2,000 PS (1,987 horsepower).

It will also manage to pull 1,700 Nm (1,254 pound-feet) of torque. Its weight is capped at 1,680 kilograms (3,703 pounds).

The design is simply gorgeous with a lot of Lotus expressions therein. However, you will quickly notice the futuristic approach taken by the designers, making the Evija an exclusive vehicle, way beyond any car the automaker has produced in the past.

To be fair enough, there are lots of pessimists who see the Evija as a more exaggerated project with numbers that are almost unbelievable to some extent. On the other hand, it is not lost on car enthusiasts that indeed such projects are better believed when the final product hits the tarmac.

We are watching this one with caution and interest.