Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione For 2022 Is Just Sensational

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It was good enough when it left, it will be better when it comes back

The Alfa Romeo 8C is a rather sensational car. It is equally powerful and a beautiful thing to look at in the morning, midday, evening, late in the night and any other time even in your dreams.

When all these aspects are transferred onto the road, it becomes one of the most competitive cars in its class to carry eight cylinders. It has been missing from production for eight straight years but it is slated to come back in 2022.

When it last went into production, only 1000 of them were ever made, splitting between 500 coupes and 500 convertibles. Alfa Romeo seems to have been ignited and reawakened by the well-to-do adorable SUV (Stelvio) and the equally attractive sedan (Giulia).

When the Alfa Romeo 8C finally comes with its renewed mechanism, it will be a battle of the titan in which the three categories will have been very well represented. There’s nothing much known about the upcoming 8C, but it is expected to carry on just where it made a stop.

The Italian automaker, however, intimated that change will come with a mid-engine set up, and this explains the sloping roofline down to the rear side of the car. It is also going to be a two-seater.

The front of the car should also carry essential styling proportions that will be more inclined to the new sedan and SUV looks than the former 8C. Both the Stelvio and Giulia carry an admirable and very distinct front end styling getting a uniform styling by the grille.

In whichever way, it comes and however it finally comes, let the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione just come. We are certain it will ignite the competition around supercars as the Italian automaker has always done.