Envisioning The Year 2035 With The DS X E-TENSE

Credit: Unsplash
The unlimited future exhibited by the DS E-Tense

Like all other industries, futuristic thinking and preparation is a central part of the automotive industry. Many players have their eyes, strategy and plan many years ahead.

France automotive DS Automobiles is giving a hint of how its cars may look like in 2035. This is brought home with a concept christened The DS X E-Tense. Reviewers see it as the company’s most extreme concept ever brought about.

The E-Tense plans about thousand-kilowatt (1,360 hp) sent to the front-wheel-drive electric. It is curved into a Formula E suspension, a carbon fiber chassis, and mouthwatering design touches.

The wonders of this car begin with an open cockpit that with the driver protected from the wind a sharply angled windscreen. It is not only classy but also admirably out of the ordinary. This is a car that throws most of the things we know about modern motoring to the bin and brings about extreme awkwardness to the fore.

The interior, for instance, takes up premium materials such as Millennium Blue and Navy Blue Aniline leather. There is also a mix of wood and metal trims scattered throughout the cabin, yet the company foresees these materials still remaining relevant and important 17 years ahead.

It is this kind of deep imagination that makes the wheels of the automotive industry to continue rolling. It is also clear that we are yet to see the best of it, yet still, there are so many unknowns.