The Exclusive Brabham BT62 Made By Father And Sons

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This car comes from a lineage of Le Mans champions

Brabham Automotive is not new in the supercar league. But it is the Brabham BT62 that is seen as the company’s most distinguished entrant and disruptor.

Initially, it was supposed to be a track car but wealthy individuals who seemed excited and happy with it wanted to make it possible to drive it on the road. Offering it with a road conversion kit just added more sugar to the entire process.

This car was built on a tubular spaceframe built upon a steel chassis. The drivetrain is a 5.4-liter V8 that produces an explosive 700bhp and 492lb ft.

It is naturally aspirated and the company claims that it is developed inhouse, although other reports say that this car began eating life as a Ford. The brakes from Brembo are made from all carbon/carbon.

A disc of the same compound is said to be plucked out of F1 specifications and standard. This is a particularly light car said to weigh 2143lbs (972kg). It also drives the rear wheels with power sent all the way there through a six-speed sequential gearbox.

But this is a car built with the effort of champions. The car has in its bloodstream racing champions.

Jach Brabham who founded a Formula 1 team is a father to founder David Brabham who is the Le Mans winner champion. With his team. Jack Brabham and his Formula 1 team won a record of 35 races.

Brabham Motors planned to make 70 pieces of the iconic BT62 in celebration of Sir Jack’s racing years that began in 1948. Truth be told, there could probably be no better way to honor the old man as the sons demonstrate.