The Untold Story Of The Rise And Fall Of The Hummer

(Photo Source: Hummer/Hagerty)
The tough car made for war and revamped for the road

The history of the hummer is both fascinating and hooking to follow up. One thing that stands out with crystal clarity is that it was made for the offroad. After all, it was a warfare car and toughness has to be part of the war.

For its tough stature in all dimensions, the Hummer had a cult-like following. It had the posture, the looks and the aggressiveness that cannot be ignored. It sort of forced anyone to stare at it either with admiration or outright dismissal.

An array of factors worked towards the downfall of a car that had behind it names like Arnold Schwarzenegger. And just to make it clear, it is the former California governor who at that time, just a movie star, convinced AM General to make a military version of their dreaded desert warrior Humvee.

The military contractor saw some sense and obliged, creating a street-legal version. A couple of years down the line GM acquired Hummer and went on to launch a considerably smaller version dubbed the H2 in 2002.

For some years, the Hummer remained a status symbol until around 2008 when the economic crunch hit and people began to adjust their budgets. The downfall came fast and unforgiving as sales went south year after year. In 2020, GM finally made the straw that broke the Hummer’s progression.

Whichever way you look at it, the Hummer wrote an important history of motoring in its time. It’s huge and the loyal fan base was something many car makers envied. It surely came, saw and did what it could. A few pieces still cruise our roads.