The Very Odd-Looking Zarooq Sand Racer

(Photo Source: Zarooq)
This Is The Zarooq For Off-Roading In Style

Odd car designs make this world a better place to speculate, drool and admire anything. This is the Zarooq Sand Racer, an odd car in looks as is in several architectural and engineering respects. What’s more, it has its roots in the UAE.

This car isn’t too awkward or primely proud that it can’t share some stuff. The 6.8-liter V8 engine is borrowed from GM and is found in the LT1.

It is able to do a grand 518 bhp and 487 lb-ft. of torque running on just about any terrain. This is a rear-drive with energy being transmitted through a five-speed sequential manual gearbox, it hits the top speed at 137 mph (220 km/h).

The designers had off-road and on-road usage in mind and carefully pieced an adjustable suspension that has a road height and a sand height. With its Dakar-inspired drapers, it is able to rise all the way to 45 centimeters (17.7 inches). It goes well with a modern trend where carbon fiber rocks most of the body.

The interior is also nicely pieced together with hand-stitched leather material. A digital dashboard with elements such as Apple CarPlay is also part of the system.

This two-seater was aimed at offering comfort and luxury in any environment. In other words, this is a car with which you feel cool cruising your urban neighborhood and one that still doesn’t disappoint when hitting the rough terrain of the countryside.