Why Has Pininfarina’s 1900-HP EV Hypercar Been Given A Facelift?

(Photo Credit: Pininfarina)
The Upcoming and Highly Touted Supercar Underwent Minor Adjustments

The Pininfarina Battista was made public at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It would inappropriate not to mention right on the onset that the car expected to come over in 2020 is one of the mouthwatering, breathtaking supercars we are awaiting.

The Batista is being pampered with 1900-horsepower of nothing but electric power. Its makers claim that it will hit 0-60 mph in less than two seconds and sprint all the way to 217 mph on the speedometer.

Our interest at this juncture, however, is on some facelift changes that this car has been handed. The automaker has confirmed that this super-talented vehicle will take some redesigns o the front. This, the automaker says, is informed by some aerodynamic tests.

The changes may not be obvious to an observer who isn’t keen but they are significant and conspicuous to a die-hard fan. They are not just a bunch of minor touches but meaningful adjustments expected to have an effect on the end product and therefore Pininfarina is leaving nothing to chance.

While introducing the reshaped and enhanced Battista in Turin, it was further made public that only 150 residents of planet earth will be lucky enough to be initial owners of this supercar. The technology underlining this epic auto is delivered by Rimac, the Croatian EV maker who has an equally good taste and interest in the growing demand of pure-electric or hybrid supercars.

When we have a supercar that has all its wheels powered by electric motors, we can’t help but fall in love with this machine that is purely from the future.