Lexani Motors Tuned A Huge Cadillac Escalade ESV

(Photo Source: Lexani)
When You Customize An Escalade, Do It Like Laxani!

The Cadillac Escalade ESV belongs to the class of cars that intimidate others of their ilk on the road. It is a large, voluminous and luxurious SUV that shouts for attention.

To underline just how much America can fall in love with biggy vans, this car recorded 36,000 units in sales for the year 2018. It has continued to get better amidst veracious criticism.

With all its meaty and muscle, some folks at a car tuner called Lexani thought that one Escalade can actually get even more muscle and some little more stretch marks. Lexani built the Cadillac Lexani Escalade ESV slated to be auctioned at the Mecum Auction block on August 15 to 17, 2019.

This one is given an expanded wheelbase, a raised roof so that taller American folks can fit in superbly and this essentially increases the headroom as well. However, even with all this acquired space, this huge limo can only accommodate four passengers a the rear cabin. Why?

The space behind the chauffeur and the front passenger has been given lots of fixing and assets. The VIP reclining seats have a folding table and there is also a refrigerator.

A significantly conspicuous object herein is the 4K ultra-high-definition television. These guys made it in such a way that you can use a remote to lower it if you have something pressing to talk to the chauffeur about.

The drivetrain is a V8 engine that consumes 6.2 liters and produces some incredible 420-horsepower. General Motors handed this big machine an eight-speed automatic transmission.