The Economically Practical Renault Captur Is An Urban Cruiser

(Photo Source: Renault/
Several engine options and day-to-day practicality

If you get lost when trying to classify the Renault Captur as either a conventional hatchback or an SUV, you are not alone. It is such a disguising product that does such an exceptional task cutting across both worlds.

It is also a very practical car that has been suited with economical practicality to simply do its job really well. Nonetheless, it borrows heavily from the Renault Clio and therefore we can gladly say that it knows quite a lot of stuff about its class.

Because this car is meant to be a car of choices for the masses, several engine choices have been provided. There is the 0.9-liter that produces a mere 89bhp. With this one, it will take 13.1-secs to do 0-62mph.A new 1.3-litre that came in 2019 delivers 128bhp or 148bhp.

There is also a 1.5-liter diesel engine that also gives 89bhp. It is this diesel engine that comes around with an automatic gearbox.

In 2018, Renault streamlined trims for the Captur to provide just four which includes the GT(highest of all), the Play as well as the Iconic and S Edition. It is the Play trim that brings about two-tone paintwork and 16-inch alloy wheels. You also get the R&GO smartphone app as well as DAB radio.

This car enters into a rather competitive class and attempts to outsmart its competitors by being economical on fuel and pricing. With its muscled exterior, you would be forgiven for passing it as well-abled off-roader but it is nonetheless an amicable urban car.