The Reincarnation Of The Classic Hispano Suiza

(Photo Credit: Hispano Suiza)
Rebuilding a Classic Car in a Timely Fashion

There are ideas that do not just fade off your mind, in spite of having them shelved and unimplemented for a long time. Like good, old harmonious classic music, they keep on replaying in your mind over and over, sometimes haunting you in the dead of the night and prompting you to take action.

This, it seems is what has been bothering Hispono Suiza, the Spanish collector of pre-war cars. And after a dead silence since 1937 without releasing a single car, the company is now getting ready for the March 2019 Geneva Auto Show.

As if to demonstrate that the journey to the future is well cut out, the company has an electric supercar to launch. Apparently, Hispono Suiza is not a newbie in the electric vehicle manufacturers.

Legend has it that it made its first electric car in 1900 but the vehicle never went to the market. The company sprinted off to the aviation industry with significant success unleashing aviation engine parts.

The dream of the electric car from the Spanish manufacturer is now carried on by this man, Miguel Suqué Mateu, great-grandson of the original founder and the current company president. He says; “Back in 1900, when Hispano Suiza started, it built the first electric car in the world, but the prototype was never industrially manufactured.”

According to Mateu, the electric car will offer nothing but “great performance” and it will help in the realization of an old man’s dream. What a style to bounce back from oblivion? Even with the changing dynamics of the industry, the vehicle stands an exclusive market opportunity, especially if it comes wearing the old skin from the classic years.