Sample Luxury With The BMW M760Li xDrive V12 Excellence

Credit: Unsplash
This is one of the classiest models of BMW

After introducing the BMW 7 series, the Bavarian-headquarter German automaker brought a series of huge engines befitting the equally large cars. One of these can be found on the 2017 BMW M7760Li XDrive, a deserving large and powerful luxurious sedan.

Driving the M760 is a V-12 engine that pulls not less than 600 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. In just slightly under 4,0 secs it will comfortably do 0-to-62 mph. This car will hit the speedometer all the way to 155 mph and you can get to that rather fast.

It is attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission that drives all four wheels, which is the brand’s xDrive unique fashion. In a tasty marketing tweak, BMW brought introduced the BMW 760Li XDrive Excellence, aiming to lift these luxurious fittings even further.

It brought about more enhanced exterior styling to give this lineage its own distinguished personality. It was also given without any extra cost.

We are looking at a car that weighs about two tons and that alone should tell you that it is ready to handle whatever road a sedan can be allowed on. With all this force, this vehicle feels easy to do corners at some threating speed, just as it is smooth to bring it to a halt.

The steering wheel is also a masterpiece that allows fresh rigidity at high speed and firmness at moderate speeds. An interior is a calm place that allows you to enjoy the undisturbed ambiance. We might as well say this is one of the more reasonable sedans left for the luxurious cruising in the BMW range of sedans.