Steady And Speedy – This Is The Spania GTA Spano

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This car did its best to look the part and performance was too exceptional

Spanish car supercar maker GTA Motor gave an extraordinarily nice presentation in the form of Spania GTA Spano supercar. It is actually said to have started as a secret back in 2005 and only became public in 2008 when it was launched as the GTA Concept.

The Spania GTA came with its fair share of promises and goodies even though it was produced by a little known automaker. To start with, the company teamed up with a producer of graphene, a high-end, high-tech material that can replace aluminum and carbon fiber in the making of various parts.

It is ultra-strong although while remaining ultra-thing. Spania GTA claimed that it was the first car maker in the whole wide world to use this technology in its vehicles.

But the GTA Spano still carried lots of carbon fiber as well as titanium and Kevlar specifically in the building of its chassis and body works. The use of such advanced material is one of the outstanding features of this exceptional supercar.

They make ultra-light for very swift performance. The GTA Spano draws powers from an inhouse V10 twin-turbo engine. We all do agree that such an achievement isn’t faint at all. It is a major thing This engine pulls a plausible 925 hp (690 kW).

The exterior is modeled just the way you would love to see a supercar look like, with several elements that makes it a stand-alone affair. It is curvy and low lying with incredibly sophisticated aerodynamic specifications.

This car was made to take on some more established conquerors and it is clear the designers took time to give it a life of its own in many ways.