Pizza Hut Aims To Have Pizzas Delivered By Driveless Cars

You Will Grab A Pizza From This Funny Looking Car

The future is dependent on a lot of things, but technology is on top of the list. Any future-focused organization cannot afford to lie low and be caught unaware.

American food franchise Pizza Hut announced earlier in 2018 that it has entered into partisanship with Toyota to explore the possibility of using autonomous cars for its deliveries.
This is a long shot of course but not an ambition to mountainous to achieve.

Organizations are placing embracing themselves for the future by leveraging technology and Pizza Hut is being futuristic in its plans. Earlier on, Toyota introduced its ambitious e-pallete concept within which it aims to deliver vehicles that can perform a wide range of functions.

You can have an office, make it deliver goods and even use it as a mini-store among other functions. It is this platform that Pizza Hut is looking forward to benefiting from.

Toyota says it will begin testing the e-Pallete platform in 2020. The future, they say, belongs to those who believe in it. Toyota has already announced other partners including Apple, Amazon, Didi, and Mazda for the project.

It, therefore, seems all set and we can look forward to is as much information as possible be availed. In the meantime, we will continue grabbing a pizza down the street.