Unveiling The Genesis GV80 SUV

Credit: Unsplash
A new addition to the SUV class

The new year brings lots of expectations and hopes for most people. Carmakers get ahead of us at times and keep us speculating. Several hours to the turning of the decade, Genesis unveiled the Genesis GV80, a big, bold SUV that seems far much readier to take competition head-on.

An outstanding characteristic of this new car is a broader and bolder grille. The interior is also an intuitive space featuring a large multimedia screen that sits on the dashboard.
Technical details have not been forthcoming but the GV80 is set to sit on a brand-new, rear-wheel-drive platform. It is anticipated that the same RWD specs will be featured in the next-generation G80 sedan.

The original GV80 Concept was presented with a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain, but this is rather far fetched for the production model. The GV80 may ride on a 3.3-liter V6 or could also push the boundaries to a 5.0-liter V8.

Besides the photos, there is not as much to attach to the rumored GV80 for the moment. Details including production and delivery dates are expected to come around any time now.

The SUV class is not only a growing aspect of modern motoring but a determinant factor of marketing performances. The focus that large and small car makers have granted this class is testimony to its potential and that the future truly belongs there.