The Mark Zero By Piëch Automotive Is A Fast Charging Electric Car

Credit: Unsplash
Aimed To Charge At 80% Battery Capacity In Less Than Five Minutes

The EV startup Piëch Automotive, came to the 20190 Geneva Motor Show ready to amaze. The offer at hand was an all-electric Mark Zero that draws its energy from a new battery that will ostensibly charge to 80 percent in under five minutes.

Whereas this is a rather good promise to work with, it also presents a revolution in the making of EV batteries. It is an indication of breakthrough technologies in this facet.

The company further tells us that the method of cooling that has been used for its systems allows it to bring down its weight by more than 200 kilograms (441 pounds). This sounds too good for an industry that is continuously looking to harness the abilities of lightweight and well-aligned aerodynamics. The entire weight of the car comes down to 1,800 kilograms (4,000 pounds). By industry standards, this is considerably heavy.

Piëch further told the world that this vehicle will carry three electric motors, “There will be one mounted on the front-axle producing about 150 kW. The other two will be mounted on the rear axle and each will equally give 150 kW.”

The kind of revolutionary ideas coming out of several startups is simply very inspiring. It hints to a bright future in regards to automotive engineering. It is this liberal approach that will inform the future of EVs more so in the next decade.