The Pininfarina Karma GT Is Sleek And Stunning With Plenty Of Speed

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The GT by Pininfarina was first shown to fans and enthusiasts at the 2019 Shanghai auto show. It is a two-door coupe version that draws from its close cousin the Karma Revero sedan.

This coupe version marks is born out of the collaboration between Karma and renowned Italian designer Pininfarina. One of the outright picks from this car is the simplified look that brings around narrower headlights, curvy bumper as well as tweaked air intakes above the splitter underneath.

The GT by Pininfarina aims to carry a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine that is provided by BMW. It will also be attached to a 28-kilowatt-hour battery pack able to do no less than 65 miles. The collaboration of these power sources will give generate 536 horsepower and help the vehicle to pick in under 4 seconds.

Karma further said that it has worked on and greatly refined the generator. Chief tech officer Bob Kruse said that “the generator never starts until the vehicle gets to 25mph. So it’s a pure EV as it launches,” Further adding that “you barely notice the generator when it kicks in. It’s a super torque-y launch.”

The company aims at making some good sales from this new creation. The Revero sedan sold about 500 pieces and the coupe is very much expected to hit this number or even go beyond.