Sarah Jessica Parker: A Long and Storied Career

Talk about boundless charisma.

I’ve tried putting together a couple of dramatic productions in my life, and it is an unbelievably long, tedious process. Like, even for a five-minute short. It’s for this reason that professional actors and actresses have my utmost respect; constantly enduring retakes, reshoots, confusing editing, and annoying comments really has to wear on your sanity. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be able to live that life for a month, let alone 40 years. That’s how I know Sarah Jessica Parker is a pro, because she’s been doing just that.

Credit: Getty Images

SJP has assembled quite the impressive resume over her long career. She’s worked in film and television, she owns her own production company, she does charity work, she’s married to Matthew Broderick (and had a thing with Robert Downey Jr. before him), and she has a really nice house in Greenwich Village. She’s in some of my favorite classic films like Footloose, Hocus Pocus, and Mars Attacks, and she even appeared on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast once. I know that last one doesn’t sound that impressive, but gosh darn it, it is to me.

They say there’s no business like showbusiness. I think that’s intended to be a positive thing, but it’s likely also because showbusiness can be a tad soul-crushing at times. SJP has not only withstood the test of time, she did it with grace and a winning smile. That takes some guts, I’ll tell you that for free.